Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 9 Jun–Jul 1971

The Centre is the largest of the buildings under construction on the University campus at Shatin. It will consist of two four-storey parallel blocks of classrooms, laboratories and offices, with a lecture theatre complex of unusual design in between. The total building cost is projected at HK$ 16,500,000, including the United Kingdom contribution, and will provide a net usable area of 206,200 sq. ft. The remainder of the cost is being made available by the Hong Kong Government. The Centre is being constructed in two phases with the first phase totalling 162,000 sq. ft. scheduled for completion within the next six months. The building is scheduled to be fully operational by 1972. Employing technically advanced forms of construction, the centre section of the building will have a butterfly configuration with the lecture theatres supported from a central caisson core on cantilevered, prestressed concrete arms. This will leave the area under the lecture theatres completely free of obstruction. Laboratories for experiments of radioactive materials will be built on the ground floor as a safety measure. Other facilities for instruction and research purposes will include Ventilation System, Steam System, Demineralized Water System, Compressed Air System, Liquefaction Plant Room, Cold Storage, and Low Temperature and Constant Temperature Room. As research projects and experiments take time and are considerably expensive, the Centre will be equipped with a generator as a precautionary measure to be used if the regular supply of electricity is interrupted. There will also be a Precision Machine Workshop and a Repair and Maintenance Workshop for use of the technicians and the students. The Centre will be shared by the six Departments of the Science Faculty: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Electronics, Mathematics and Physics, each having an area of 27,000 sq. ft., 10,000 sq. ft ., 28,000 sq. ft., 27,000 sq. ft ., 4,000 sq. ft ., and 26,000 sq. ft. respectively. When the buil6ding becomes operational by 1972, science students of the three Foundation Colleges will be able to attend classes and do laboratory work in this Centre. This will help cultivate among students mutual understanding and friendship irrespective of College. Thus, it is in keeping with the University's policy of pooling resources whenever logical and feasible. Dr. Li expressed his appreciation for the "substantial contribution" made by the United Kingdom Government and termed it "a very encouraging sign of Her Majesty's Government's interest and confidence in The Chinese University's programme". Trans l a t i on Centre 長校敏卓李與交票支將生先仁倫袁 Mr. L.Z. Yuan presenting the cheque to Vice-Chancellor Choh-Ming Li A new centre for translation projects of the University was established on 1st June, 1971. The Translation Centre is under the directorship of Dr. Phillip Sun, who formerly headed the Department of English Language and Literature of New Asia College. Graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Yale University, Dr. Sun was onetime Associate Professor of Chinese at Iowa University. Work of the Centre will include research on translation and publication of a series of translations in Chinese and English. English-Chinese translation will include text-books and learned articles in all branches of arts, science and social science. Chinese-English translation will be done in the areas of Chinese literature, history and philosophy. Main emphasis will be on translations from English to Chinese initially, and from Chinese to English at a later stage. The Centre will render full assistance to the University's present Translation/ Publication Project and its future development. When the University offers a minor degree course in translation in 1972, it will serve as a coordinating body and work closely with the Committee of Translation. The Centre has received enthusiastic support from The Asia Foundation. Besides offering a gi ft of the valuable 15-volume Scientific American Resource Library, the Foundation donated HK$96,000 to help develop the Centre for the next two years with possible continued support for a third year. The donations were presented to Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice-Chancellor of the University, by Mr. L.Z. Yuan, Hong Kong Representative of The Asia Foundation, on 31st May, 1971 in the Benjamin Franklin Centre. The Foundation has always been interested in the promotion of translation. This is only one of its many attempts to help the University in its translation programmes, such as the Translation/ Publication Project, a course in "News Translation" in the Journalism Department, and the Translation Symposium held in 1969. (see also picture in Chinese section) - 2 -