Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 7 Apr–May 1974

for the appointment of the Professor of Botany at the University of Hong Kong. Prof. Chen Cheng-siang, Professor of Geography, has been invited to serve on the Selection Committee for the appointment of the Professor of Geography at the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Chen Fong-ching of the Department of Physics, United College, has been appointed representative of the University to serve on the Committee on Translation of the Hong Kong Training Council, Hong Kong Government. STAFF PROFILES Mr . Jao Tsung-i, Reader of Chinese Literature Mr . Jao Tsung-i, formerly Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Singapore, was appointed Reader of Chinese Literature of this University in October 1973. Coming from a scholarly family, Mr. Jao was tutored by his father in his early years and later engaged in independent research. A t the age of twenty he was appointed by the Sun Yat-sen University as an editor of the Kwangtung Tung- Chih for three years, and then became a Fellow of the Research Institute of the same University. He subsequently served in other institutions of higher education in China, including Wusih Sinology College, Kwangtung Provincial College of Arts and Science, and Nan-hwa College. He was also a member o f the Kwangtung Provincial Documents Committee, and the Chief Editor of the official topography of Chao Chow. Mr . Jao joined the Department of Chinese, University of Hong Kong, in 1952, and was promoted Reader in 1966. He was appointed Chair Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Singapore in August 1968, and was Visiting Professor in the Department of East and Southern Languages and Literature, Hall of Graduate Studies, at Yale University from 1970 to 71. Mr. Jao visited India in 1963 to study Sino-Indian culture, and became a life member of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Poona. In 1965 he was engaged as an Attache at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, to study the Tun-huan manuscripts. In 1973 he became Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Philology and History, Academia Sinica. Mr. Jao's publications include over a hundred articles in leading journals on Oriental studies in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, France, India etc., and twenty books on various topics. His latest work is Airs de Jouen-Houang , published in Paris, with a long introduction translated into French by Prof. P. Demi é ville. Mr. Jao, a famous poet, has also written many poems during his trips to India, Burma, Angkor, France and Switzerland, some of which have been rendered into French. Mr . Jao was the recipient of the 1962 Stanislas Julien Prize awarded by the Academic des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres of France for outstanding work in sinological research. Miss Linda Hu, Assistant University Registrar (Academic) Miss Linda Hu was born in Chung King, China, went to Japan for high school education, and received her B.A. from Duchesne College, U.S.A. and M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, U.S.A. Miss Hu was employed in the United States by the Bell Telephone Company as graphic designer, and American Hospital Supplies Ltd. as interior designer. Returning to Taiwan , she taught part- time at Chung Yuan Christian College of Science and Engineering (Department of Architecture) and worked full-time at the Sacred Heart College for Women as Academic Dean. Miss Hu has been Assistant University Registrar (Academic) at this University since August 1973. Dr. Wong Ming-hung, Lecturer in Biology, New Asia College Dr. Wong Ming-hung graduated from this University in 1968 with a B.Sc. degree in Biology. He was awarded a British Council Scholarship for further studies in the United Kingdom at the University of Durham where he obtained his M.Sc. degree in 1969 and Ph.D. in 1973 in the field of Ecology. Dr. Wong worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, Canada from 1969 to 1970 and served as Demonstrator at the University of Durham while pursuing his doctoral studies. Dr. Wong joined this University as Lecturer in Biology at New Asia College in 1973. 一 6 —