Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 7 Apr–May 1974

CULTURAL EVENTS I. Exhibitions • The A r t Gallery of the Institute of Chinese Studies and the Department of Fine Arts of New Asia College jointly held an Exhibition of Prints from American Universities from 9th to 22nd March, featuring seventy contemporary prints. The exhibits are gifts from the United States Information Service and the President of Yale University. • The Department of Extramural Studies held an Exhibition of Graphic Design in March and April. Exhibits comprised works of four outstanding students of the certificate course in Applied Design organized by the Department. • A n Exhibition of Chinese Antiquities was organized by the A rt Gallery of the Institute of Chinese Studies from 2nd to 20th April. Over a hundred pieces of Chinese antiquities were on display, mostly from the permanent collection of the A rt Gallery, including paintings of the Yang- chou artists, ancient rubbings of steles, old bronze seals, lacquer wares and ceramics. • An exhibition of paintings and prints by ten young art teachers was held by the Department of Extramural Studies from 30th Ap r il to 29th June, • The British Council and the University Library jointly arranged an exhibition of books and periodicals on Business and Industrial Management from 24th Ap r il to 23rd May. I I. Lectures/Seminars • The following lectures/seminars were sponsored by the departmental clubs of New Asia College: 1st March "Latest Theories on the Historical Origin of Western Economic Development" by Mr . Chang Teh-Chang of History Department, Chung Chi College — History Departmental Club 4th March "Some Linguistic Problems in Literature" by Mr . Hung Pok of Chinese Department, New Asia College — Chinese Departmental Club 6th March “The Present Situation of Hong Kong Stock Market" by Messrs. S.K. Kwan and T.W. Wan — Business Administration Departmental Club 11th March "Sundry Retail in Hong Kong" by Mr, L.P. Kwok, Managing Director of the Wing On Co., Ltd. — Business Administration Departmental Club 15th March " On the Budget Estimates 1974” by Mr . Wu Chen Hsiung of Economics Department, New Asia College —Economics Departmental Club 21st March "Seminar on Abortion" — co- sponsored by the Biology Departmental Club and C U HK Catholic Society 28th March “The Present Phase of Chinese Studies i n History" by Dr. Y.S. Y ü , President of New Asia College — History Departmental Club • New Asia College held its monthly meeting on 8th March and Dr. Yeung Kao May-ching of Fine Arts Department gave a talk on ‘‘An Inquiry into the Relationship between Chinese and Japanese A r t " . • The Chinese Departmental Club of New Asia College sponsored a Week of Academic Discussions from 11th to 16th March: a seminar on “Poetry: Old Style and Modern Style’’ was conducted by Dr. Kwong Kin-hung and Messrs. Chan Shing-cheong and Yeung Chung-key on 11th, and lectures were delivered on 15th and 16th by Messrs. Hsu Fu-Kuan and T.I. Jao on “Landscape and Literature" and “ L i Po's Poems" respectively. • The Faculty of Commerce and Social Science of United College held the third in a series of seminars on "Hong Kon g as a Modern Society" on 15th March and Dr. C.Y. Choi of the College's Sociology Department was invited to give a talk on "The Population of Hong Kong" . • Physics Department and the Translation Centre co-sponsored a seminar on 20th March and Dr. Y . Y. Lee was invited to talk on "Translation and Chinese Terms in Physical Science”. • A t the invitation of the Chinese Cultural Society of the Student Union of New Asia College Mr. Szu-ma Chang-feng gave a talk on "Chou En-lai and the Chinese Communist" on 16th March. • Prof. Frederick Sontag of Pomona College, California, was invited by the Department of — 7 —