Bulletin Vol. 11 No. 3 Nov–Dec 1974

T H E C H I N E SE U N I V E R S I T Y OF H O NG K O N G THE UN I V E R S I TY BULLETIN VOLUME ELEVEN NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 1974 NUMBER THREE C O N T E N T S Fifteenth Congregation 1 Williamsburg IV Conference 1 1974 Meeting of Asian Business Schools . . 2 Dedication Ceremony of Universit y Swimming Pool 2 Publication of An Etymological Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Bronze Inscriptions 2 Exhibition of Chinese Paintings and Antiquities 3 Staff Profiles 3 Cultural Events 4 Comings and Goings 5 FIFTEENTH CONGREGATION The Fifteenth Congregation of the University, for the conferment of honorary degrees and other degrees, was held on 17th October, 1974 at the City Hall. His Excellency the Governor and Chancellor of the University, Sir Murray MacLehose, presided at the ceremony. At the Congregation, the Chancellor conferred the degree o f Doctor of Laws, honoris causa on four eminent persons, Mr. J.S. Lee, a prominent businessman in Hong Kong and a member of the University Council since its inception, who has contributed significantly to the promotion o f Chinese Studies in the University; Dr. the Hon . P.C. Woo, a well-known solicitor and unofficial member of the Executive Council in Hong Kong, who rendered invaluable service to the University as member of the Provisional Council and University Council since its establishment; Professor C.K. Yang, Distinguished Service Professor of the University o f Pittsburgh, and a world-renowned sociologist; and Dr. C.T. Yung, President of Chung Chi College and the first Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University, who has played a highly significant role in the planning and operation of the University. Prof. Yang addressed the Congregation on behalf of the honorary graduates. (Prof. Yang's speech and the citations are published in a Special Supplement of The University Bulletin.) 70 Master's degrees and 581 Bachelor's degrees were conferred on graduates of the University: 36 Masters of Philosophy, 25 Masters of Business Administr 4 Masters of Science, 5 Masters of Arts, 165 Bachelors of Arts, 154 Bachelors of Science, 90 Bachelors of Business Administration and 172 Bachelors of Social Science. WILLIAMSBURG IV CONFERENCE The Williamsburg I V Conference, convened by Mr. John D. Rockefeller III ’ was held in Hong Kong from 27th to 30th October with Dr. Choh-Ming Li, the Vice-Chancellor, as host. Fort y participants from thirteen countries including politicians, diplomats, businessmen and scholars, were invited to the Conference in their personal capacities. The central concern o f the Conference was to reconsider the social and economic vulnerabilities and potentialities of nations o f the Pacific Region in the aftermath of the changes in energy and raw material availabilities over the past year. The first session of the Conference was held at the Conference Hall of this University.