Bulletin Vol. 11 No. 3 Nov–Dec 1974

His Excellencv the Chancellor "capping" a graduand 大學監督麥理浩爵士主持頒授學位典禮 1974 MEETING OF ASIAN BUSINESS SCHOOLS The 1974 Meeting o f Asian Business Schools was held in Hong Kong from 28th to 30th November, hosted by the Lingnan Institute of Business Administration of this University. It was attended by senior teachers and administrators from eight business schools and management institutes in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore ; Thailand and Hong Kong. Problems in Management education of this region were discussed, and topics for the Meeting were: (1) A Framewor k for Measuring the Effectiveness of Public Enterprises ; (2) The Role of Computers in Management Education; (3) The Effect of the Local Business Environment on Management Education; and (4) Entrepreneurshi p and the Development of Small Businesses: the Role of Management Education. DEDICATION CEREMONY OF UNIVERSITY SWIMMING POOL A Dedication Ceremony of the University Swimming Pool was held on 11th October. Mr. John L. Soong, Chairman of the Fund Raising Campaign for the Construction of the Swimming Pool, addressed the assembly and Mr. Charles T. Cross, the American Consul-General in Hong Kong, unveiled the plaque of the Pool. The University Swimming Pool, an ancillary facility of the Benjamin Franklin Centre, was constructe with donations from the US State Department, The Asia Foundation and the American business community in Hong Kong. This Olympic standard Swimming Pool with 1-metre and 3-metre diving boards and a 5-metre/10-metre diving platform was completed last summer, and has since played an important part in the University's programmes for physical education and recreation. PUBLICATION OF AN ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF ANCIENT CHINESE BRONZE INSCRIPTIONS An Etymological Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Bronze Inscriptions, edited by Prof. Chou Fa-kao, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature of this University, and his assistants, Cheung Yat-shing, Tsui Chee-yee and Lam Kit-ming, will be published by the University. The compilation of this 16-volume Dictionar which is based on Yung Keng's Chin Wen Pien - 2-