Bulletin Number One 1982

First Pro-Chancellor of the University 1
An Interview with Sir Yuet-keung Kan 2
Profiles 8
<em>Professor Hsing Mo Huan</em> 8
<em>Professor Timothy Yu</em> 9
<em>Dr John T.S. Chen</em> 10
<em>Mrs. Christine Wong</em> 10
<em>Dr. Liu Pak-wai</em> 11
<em>Dr. Stanislaus Hu</em> 11
Obituary: <em>Mr. Wang Teh-chao</em> 12
Obituary: <em>Dr. Tam Sai-wing</em> 12
Opening of the Choh-Ming Li Building for Basic Medical Sciences 13
University Hosts Seminar on Enterprise Management 15
Opening to the North—Training Programme in Marketing 16
International Summer School on Optoelectronics 17
Second Hong Kong Conference on East-West Comparative Literature 18
Seminar on Teenagers and Mass Media 19
25th Anniversary of Fine Arts Department 20
Cultural Events 23
What Happened to the Class of 1979? 25
News in Brief 27
Gifts to the University 29
New Approach to Selection of University Students 32