Bulletin Spring‧Summer 1991

In Memory of Dr. Choh-Ming Li 2
Memorial Service for Dr. Choh-Ming Li 2
Dr. Choh-Ming Li: His Life and His Work 3
Eulogy by Sir Yuet-Keung Kan, Pro-Chancellor, CUHK 7
Eulogy by Sir Quo-wei Lee, Chairman of University Council, CUHK 9
Eulogy by Prof. Charles K. Kao, Vice-Chancellor, CUHK 10
Dr. Choh-Ming Li as a Father 11
News in Brief 12
An Open Letter from the Vice-Chancellor 18
Silver Jubilee of the Department of Journalism and Communication 20
Outstanding CUHK Alumni Receive Prestigious Academic Awards 24
Employment Survey of 1990 Graduates: A Summary Report 26
Profiles 30
Gifts and Donations 32