Bulletin Spring‧Summer, 2008

Kwong Chun-ho Howard Packed and Ready to Learn: Overseas Student Exchange S tudying abroad is the dream of many students with a curiosity about other cultures or a yearning for different experiences. Here at CUHK, students can have a taste of life on the other side, thanks to student exchange programmes. In 1965, CUHK signed its first agreement on student exchange with the University of California. Dr. Li Choh-ming, the founding Vice-Chancellor of the University, saw it as the 'beginning of a much wider programme of inter-university cooperation'. It was the first of many similar student exchange programmes to come. In 2006, the importance of student exchange programmes was stressed again in the CUHK Strategic Plan, echoing the idea put forward by the founding Vice-Chancellor some 40 years ago. This year marks the 45th anniversary of CUHK. After over four decades of development, our student exchange programmes are very different from their predecessors when the University was still a fledgling. There have also been increases in student numbers. Outgoing CUHK students have risen almost 400% from 125 in 2000–01 to 619 in 2007–08. Today, over 185 student exchange programmes, lasting for a term or a year, are offered by the Office of Academic Links, [The exchange programme with the University of California] enables our students and faculty members to have first-hand contact with overseas scholars…and thus to become directly involved in the world current of intellectual development. Dr. Li Choh-ming Founding Vice- Chancellor of CUHK From Freshman to Renaissance Man   Chinese University Bulletin Spring • Summer 2008