Bulletin No. 2, 2013

Editorial Note to Offprints (II) II
Engaging the World 2
A Brief History 4
Raison d’Etre of International Links 6
IASP and OAL 8
Office of Academic Links (China) 11
Testimonials 14
Mr. Danny T.T. Chan 14
Ms. Annikki Arponen 16
Prof. Mayching Kao 17
Wong Ka-ying 17
Martin Kwok 17
Our American Friends 18
United Board 18
Yale-China Association 19
Universities Service Centre 20
A Mobile Education 22
The73rd Congregation 24
Dr. Li Kwok-po David 25
Prof. Barry James Marshall 25
Dr. Elsie Tu 25
Mr. Wong Yan-lung 26
Prof. Zhong Nanshan 26
The eleven Choh-Ming Li Professors 27
Twelfth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 28
Mr. Chan Chee-hoi Warren 29
Dr. Chan Sui-kau 29
Mr. Huen Wing-ming Patrick 31
Prof. Lee Kam-hon 31
Dr. Lee Lok-sze Rebecca 31
Dr. Leong Siu-hung Edwin 31
Prof. Mike McConville 31
Prof. Jao Tsung-I Honoured by Institut de France 32
Prof. Gladys Tang Receives Humanity Award 34
50th Anniversary Drama <em>The Professor</em> 36
Exploring the Mysteries of the World 38
Centre for Organelle Biogenesis and Function 38
Systematic Development of Molecular Targets for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) 38
Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Utilization 39
An Integrated Trans-omics Approach to Diabetic Cardio-renal Complications: From Novel Discoveries to Personalized Medicine 39
50th Anniversary Distinguished Lectures 40
Student Evaluation of University Teaching 40
From SARS to H7N9 41
The Best and the Brightest 42
Teaching Music to Serve the Needy 42
Medical Student Unravels Mystery of Neuronal Circuits Development 42
39 Students Receive HSBC Scholarships 42
457 Students Receive HKSAR Government Scholarships 43
Social Work Doctoral Students Receive Scholarships for Overseas Training 43
Psychology Postgraduates Receive Overseas Training Awards 43
MAE Students’ Innovative Design Wins Awards 44
Cantonese Debate Team Wins Ninth Championship 44
News in Brief 45
Reappointed/New Council Members 45
Appointments 45
Honours and Recognition 46
Research 48
Activities and Events 50
Intellectual Cross-currents 54
50th Anniversary Fair Public Lectures 54
Inaugural Lecture of Li Shu Fan Professorship 55
Sustainable Tourism in Urban Environments 55
Conference on Climate Change Challenge 55
Conference on Asian Urbanism and Beyond 56
Conference on Future of English in Asia 56
Translation and Modernization in East Asia 56
Consul General on Sino-US Relations 56
Xu Yangsheng Appointed First President of CUHK (SZ) 50
Centre of Surgical Outcome Research Established 50
CUHK and UBC Set Up Centre on Nursing Leadership 50
Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium Opens 51
Marketing Engineering Lab Launched by CUHK and IBM 51
First Gerald Choa Memorial Lecture 52
Santander-K Foundation Scholarship Programme 52
Dr. David Sin Donates $20 Million to CUHK 52
MB ChB Global Physician-Leadership Stream 53
I•CARE Programme–Christian Zheng Sheng College Service Project 53
Nurturing a Culture of Mindful Eating: Food Waste Recycling 53
Latest Medical Treatment for Minor Stroke 48
New Device for Detecting Light in the Mid-infrared Spectral Region 48
Microrobots for Drug Delivery in the Human Body 48
Improving Brain Function of Cognitive Impaired Patients 49
Hong Kong’s First Fragile X Carrier Screening 49
Optimizing Indoor Wireless Connectivity 49
CUHK Receives Four Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards 46
Biologist Receives Bill &amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Grant 46
Dennis Lo Elected to US National Academy of Science 46
Rossa Chiu Receives AACC Young Investigator Award 47
CUHK Website Wins Gold for Web Accessibility 47
Reappointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor 45
New Bursar 45
Emeritus Professors 45
Public Health in Rural China 54
Nurturing Creativity 54
Building a Brand 54
Tracing the Ghost Particles 54
A Plant Scientist’s Dream 54
Shaking Off Internet Addiction 54