Bulletin Offprints(II) Printed with No. 2, 2013

A resident in the United States, Dr, Pei is one of the top architects in the world. His artistic creation includes the East-West Centre of the University of Hawaii, the Tunghai University in Taiwan, the M. I . T. Earth Science Centre and the M. I . T, Chemistry Centre, both in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the City Hall of Dallas, the U.S. National Centre of Atmospheric Research in Colorado, the Everson Museum in Syracuse, the General Electric Centre of Metallurgy in Albany, the American Life Insurance Company in Wilmington, Delaware, the Faculty Hall for the Housing Depart- ment of New York University, the Headquarters Build- ing for the Washington Post at Washington D.C., the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and others. He was recently commissioned to be the architect for the Kennedy Centre at Harvard University. Dr. Pei is a member of the Advisory Committee on Arts and Architecture, John F. Kennedy Memorial Library, and a key person in the redevelopment pro- jects in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New Haven. He is also the inventor of Helix systems for apartment houses. Dr. Pci's report to the Vice-Chancellor is expected to be of great value to the development of the University campus site. VICE-CHANCELLOR'S RECEPTION TO NEW STUDENTS Volumn Three • December 1966 • Number Five The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. C.M. Li, and Mrs. Li gave a tea reception to new students who joined the University this academic year on the afternoon of December 23, 1966 at the Y.M.C.A. Building in Kow- loon. About 400 students shook hands with the Vice- Chancellor and Mrs. Li. All the College Presidents as well as the University Registrar, together with their wives, were also on the reception line. The Party started with a speech of welcome by the Vice-Chancellor, given in his usual familiar style. Afterwards tea and Chinese "dim sum" were served, The reception ended in a gay atmosphere. 9 Vice-Chancellor Li and some of the new students in the Reception