Bulletin Offprints(II) Printed with No. 2, 2013

students of any field which falls within them. Whereas the area of Business Administration takes only graduates from the University's three Colleges, the other areas are open to graduates of all approved universities. Students who are not yet graduates but will obtain their first degrees during this academic year may apply. All the University's graduate students will pay a fee of $800 a year. In addition, caution money of $100 will be charged and refunded on the termination of the students' studies after their liabilities, if any, have been discharged. Students of Geography will also be charged 8350 a year for the costs of their scienti- fic equipment. A policy-making organ for the University's graduate study, known as the Graduate Council, has been set up. Members of the Council are: the Vice- Chancellor (Chairman), Presidents of the three Colleges, all the Professors and Deans of the Faculties. GOVERNMENT RECOGNITION OF UNIVERSITY HONOURS DEGREES Volumn Three • October 1966 • Number Three The Hong Kong Government recently decided to equate, for the purpose of employment in Public Service, the degrees conferred by this University cum laude and magna cum laude with second and first class honours degrees conferred by other Commonwealth luniversities. NEW OFFICIAL ADDRESS FOR THE UNIVERSITY Volumn Three • November 1966 • Number Four In accordance with the General Circular No. 41/66 issued by the Principal Assistant Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong Government dated November 9, 1966 , the campus site of the University is at: SHAT IN, NEW T E R R I TOR I E S. The General Manager of the Kowloon-Canton Railway is now considering a suitable name for the railway station adjacent to the University. The name of the district "Ma Liu Shui" will no longer be used as part of the address of the University campus site. ADVISOR FOR CAMPUS PLANNING Volumn Three • November 1966 • Number Four At the invitation of Dr. C.M. Li, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr. I.M. Pei, an internationally famed architect, made a special trip to Hong Kong to advise the Vice-Chancellor on site planning for the University campus on November 21. He inspected the University's campus site at Shatin on November 22. During his sojourn here, Dr. Pei worked closely with the University Architect, the Hon. Szeto Wei, and Dr. R.C. Lee, Chairman of the University's Campus Planning Committee. From left to right Dr. I.M. Pei, Dr. C.M. Li and the Hon. Szeto Wei The address of Chung Chi College is now: CHUNG CHI COL L EGE SHAT IN NEW T E RR I TOR I E S. 8