Calendar 2000–01

!, "# - "#. % Tel.: 2648 4326 Fax.: 2648 4326 The centre was founded by a generous donation from Mr. George Cheng for the study of viral hepatitis. It consists of a molecular biology laboratory and a clinical trial centre located at the Sir Yue-kong Pao Centre for Cancer and the Li Ka Shing Clinic respectively. Activities of the centre include • conducting basic laboratory research on the pathogenesis of viral hepatitis; • conducting clinical trial on the treatment of viral hepatitis; • training of postgraduate students; and • educating patients and the general public about the disease. & Tel.: 2609 8608 Fax.: 2603 5179 E-mail: The Department of Chinese Language and Literature recently launched a series of research projects on Chinese language and teaching with the support of a number of competitive research grants from the Quality Education Fund and the Hong Kong Research Grants Council. To develop information technology in Chinese teaching and to meet the needs of a new era, a Chinese Teaching Information Technology Centre (CTITC) was established in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 1999. CTITC has since been devoting much attention to developing electronic teaching materials on Chinese teaching and has set up the ‘Bowen Website’ ( ) (http://bowen. ), which is popular among teachers and students, with a hit rate of over 25,000 in the first eight months. ) Tel.: 2609 6501 Fax.: 2603 5019 E-mail: The Clinical Psychology Centre, set up in September 1993 under the Department of Psychology, is run by qualified clinical psychologists of the department. Various forms of psychological services for both adults and children are available to the public as well as University staff referred by the University Health Service. Such services include assessment of intelligence, aptitude, personality, and vocational interests; specialized neuropsychological and forensic evaluations; and individual, group, marital, and family therapies. Treatment programmes can be designed for child development problems, improving parenting skills, marital adjustment, depression, stress management, and improving social skills and assertiveness. Fees are charged according to the type of service provided. The Clinical Psychology Centre is located on the third floor of Wong Foo Yuan Building on Chung Chi campus.