Calendar 2000–01

! " # Tel.: 2609 7911 Fax.: 2603 7755 E-mail: Website: The department offers programmes in linguistics and intercultural studies at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the undergraduate level there are major and minor programmes in linguistics and intercultural studies, European studies, French studies, and German studies. Courses listed under these programmes may also be read as electives. The department also offers language courses in French, German, Spanish, and Italian, from beginners’ to advanced levels. The curriculum adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of language and culture, as well as the interface between them as discussed and researched upon in various disciplines. It aims to heighten multilingual and multicultural awareness among Hong Kong students and to cultivate an understanding of contemporary European and Asia-Pacific issues. ! # Tel.: 2609 6510 Fax.: 2603 5273 E-mail: The department provides professional and academic training in both Chinese and Western music. It boasts a teaching team of international standard, and one of the largest libraries in Asia of audio-visual and reading materials on music. It has its own chamber orchestra, a choir, an early music (Renaissance) ensemble, a Gamelan ensemble, and a Cantonese operatic singing group. Major research areas cover Cantonese opera, Taoist ritual music, silk-and-bamboo music of Jiangnan, court music of the Qing dynasty, and Western music from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Teachers also engage actively in music analysis and composition. $ Tel.: 2609 7136 Fax.: 2603 5323 E-mail: The department’s undergraduate programme provides rigorous training in philosophy in both the Eastern and Western traditions to prepare students for future careers in either academic or non-academic fields. While the department is widely recognized as an international centre for Neo-Confucian studies, the academic and research interests of its staff members are far-ranging. They include areas such as Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism in Eastern philosophy, analytic philosophy, phenomenology, modern and contemporary philosophy in the Western tradition, as well as philosophical disciplines such as ethics, applied ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, and social and political philosophy.