Calendar 2000–01

% To take full advantage of the unique cultural-geographical position of Hong Kong, the department will focus on comparative philosophy and make it the main line of its future development. & Tel.: 2609 6477 Fax.: 2603 5280 E-mail: The Department of Religion is the oldest teaching department in religious studies and theology among publicly-funded universities in Hong Kong. Since 1957, religious education and theological training have been an integral part of the academic programme of Chung Chi College. A Department of Philosophy and Religion was established at the inception of the University in 1963. It was later reformed to become the Department of Religion in 1978, with a Theology Division attached, and continues to be a vital academic unit within the University. The Department offers various programmes focusing on the academic study of different religious traditions as well as modern religious issues relating to society, culture, and human life. Programme contents are interdisciplinary in nature, emphasizing religious study in relation to anthropology, psychology, sociology, education, philosophy, and literature. Major areas of study are Chinese religions, Christian studies, biblical studies and religion, education, and society. ' Tel.: 2609 7700 Fax.: 2603 7843 Established in 1972, the department is the first of its kind among local tertiary institutions. It provides all-round academic and practical training in translation to prepare students for employment or further studies in the discipline. To meet the needs of the times and the demands of society, special efforts have been made to develop applied translation, information technology, and translation between Chinese and non-English pairs. Staff members are actively engaged in translating Chinese and English literary works, compiling glossaries and bibliographies related to translation, and conducting research in the theory and practice of translation. The department also publishes the Journal of Translation , the first academic journal on the study of translation in Hong Kong and The Bulletin of the Department of Translation , which provides updated information about the department.