Newsletter No. 3

CUHK Newsletter Vol 1 No. 3 February 1990 Lunar New Year Fair on Campus A market fair to usher in the Year of the Horse was held on the central campus on Saturday, 20th January. It took the form of an open-air carnival in the University Mall and near the Science Centre. Activities began at noon and ended at around 6 p.m. Students, staff members and their families all had an enjoyable time. The fair started off with the good-luck races for children along Central Avenue. The youngest runner was only three, but like all other participants, he ran to the finish, which was supposed to bring him luck in the new year. Other games for children included pony-ride, with ponies supplied by courtesy of the Gurkhas; riddles; and the young-artists' salon, where children were free to paint whatever they liked on pieces of large drawing paper spread on the ground. There were all together 40 stalls in the fair, selling different kinds of food and merchandise. More than half of the food stalls were run by university members or student groups, and the most popular proved to be the charitable cake shop set up by CUWO (Chinese University Women's Organization), who were there to fund-raise for the Chung Chi Nursery. All the cakes were made by CUWO members themselves and at the end of the day, more than HK$3000 was raised. Goods displayed in the fair included clothing, accessories, artware and other seasonal items for the celebration of the Lunar New Year. The articles most sought-after were hand-made flour dolls, and the dexterity of the handicraftsman at the stall won the admiration of all those present. There were also entertainment shows such as traditional Chinese dance, Chinese martial art demonstrations and singing. Activities of this nature and scale can effectively cultivate a community spirit on the campus and have proved to be very popular. Mr. Hardy Tsoi, manager of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and chief organizer of the fair, tells Newsletter that the organizers have drawn on the experience of previous carnivals and much effort has been put into this year's fair to make it more interesting and attractive. He hopes that the function can be supported by more University units, especially student groups, in the future. 1