Newsletter No. 496

The Birth of a New College The fourth constituent college of the University, Shaw College, will officially be opened on 2nd March 1990 at 4.00 p.m. by His Excellency the Governor, Chancellor of the University, Sir David Wilson, and the Patron of Shaw College, Sir Run Run Shaw. This is an important milestone in the history of this collegiate University, which adheres great importance to the furtherance of knowledge with a whole-person approach. Inception and Brief History The idea to build a new college was conceived in 1985 when Sir Run Run expressed his keen interest in supporting this University to build a fourth college. The University Council later appointed Professor Ma Lin, then Vice- Chancellor, to chair the planning committee for the new college, and invited Sir Run Run to be the Patron of the college, which has been named Shaw College in appreciation of Sir Run Run's contribution to tertiary education and his benevolence to this University in particular. This planning committee received valuable assistance from many local dignitaries, especially its advisers, including Sir Q. W. Lee, Dr. T. K. Ann, Mr. H. J. Shen, and Mr. Louis Page. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Declaration of Shaw College) Ordinance 1986 was later enacted on 1st August 1986. On 12th January 1987, the foundation stone for the new college was formally laid by Sir David Akers- Jones, then Acting Governor, and Sir Run Run Shaw, the Patron. The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony. From right to left: Dr. the Hon. Q.W. Lee, SIT Run Run Shaw, Sir David Akers-Jones, the Hon, R.G.B. Bridge and Dr. Ma Lin ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests, including the then Secretary for Education and Manpower, the Hon. Ron Bridge; Chairman of the University Council, Dr. the Hon. Q. W. Lee; former Chief Secretary, Sir College buildings under construction Jack Caters; the founding Vice- Chancellor, Dr. C. M. Li; members of the University Council, Sir Kenneth Fung and Dr. J. S. Lee; and advisers to the planning committee, Dr. T. K. Ann and Mr. Louis Page. Members, Fellows and Students On 10th February 1987, Professor C. N. Chen of the Department of Psychiatry was appointed the first head of Shaw College. Shaw College then began recruiting its members through reaffiliation processes and new appointm By June 1987 there were more than 100 academic members affiliated to the college. On 24th June 1987, the Assembly of Fellows of Shaw College was established with the election of the first six Fellows. In August 1987 Dr. K. P. Fung was appointed Dean of Students. The Board of Trustees of Shaw College was soon formed afterwards, and on 10th September 1987, Professor Ma Lin and Professor Gerald Choa were elected chairman and vice-chairman of the Board respectively. Shaw College accepted about 240 students for reaffiliation between January and April 1988. These students were later joined by the new intakes during the 1988-89 and 1989-90 academic years. There are now all together 1023 students in the college. CUHK Newsletter Feb 1990 Shaw College Opening Special Supplement