Newsletter No. 47

CUHK Newsletter No.47 October 1993 30th Anniversary Commemorative Phonecards The University's Subcommittee on 30th Anniversary Souvenirs has, jointly with Hongkong Telecom, produced 10,000 commemorative phonecards. A ceremony for the donation of a set of 1,000 phonecards was held on 28th September. Mrs. Flora Tung, director of product marketing, Hongkong Telecom, presented the complimentary phonecards to Prof. S.W. Tam, pro-vice- chancellor and chairman of the 30th Anniversary Celebration Coordinating and Steering Committee, and Prof. C. N. Chen, convener of the Subcommittee on 30th Anniversary Souvenirs. Two thousand phonecards were made available for pre-sale order from University staff last month, and another 1,000 pieces are now on sale during business hours at the University souvenir counter at the John Fulton Centre. New Publications of the University Press The following books will be sold at a 20 per cent discount to staff members at the University Bookshop, John Fulton Centre. • The Chinese University of Hong Kong: A Celebration, introduction by Gwen Kao, 128 pages, hardcover, over 100 colour photographs, HK$295. • Questfor Excellence (in Chinese), edited by Ng Lun Ngai-ha, 314 pages, hardcover, HK$150. • Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 1993-94 Edition, by David Flux, revised by David G. Smith, 664 pages, paperback, HK$200. • Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 1993-94 Edition (in Chinese), by David Flux, revised by David G. Smith, translated by Aloysius H. Y. Tse, 536 pages, paperback, HK$200. • Reminiscence (in Chinese), edited by Wang YoonWah, Richard M. W. Ho and Ya Hsien, 180 pages, paperback, HK$60. • The Macrofungus Flora of China's Guangdong Province, by Bi Zhishu, Zheng Guoyang and L i Taihui, 750 pages, hardcover, HK$900. CUH K Newslette r We welcome your contributions 1. Items for the next issue (mid-November 1993) should reach the Editor by 27th October 1993. 2. All contributions and suggestions should he sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter, c/o the Publication Office, University Secretariat, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 6097297; fax. 6035503). 3. Contributions should bear the writer's name and contact telephone number, and may be published under pseudonyms. Articles without Chinese translations will appear in the English version of the Newsletter only. No anonymous letters will he published. 4. The Editor reserves the right to reject contributions and to edit all articles for reasons of clarity, length or grammar. Those who do not wish to have their articles amended should indicate clearly in writing. 5. No part of this Newsletter may be reproduced without the written consent of the Editor. 6. This publication has a circulation of 1,500 and is primarily intended for staff members of CUHK. Copies are also sent to local educational institutions and individuals associated with the University. Those who wish to he included on the mailing list please contact the Newsletter direct. Published by the Publication Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Editor: Amy K. Y. Leung Assistant Editors : Lawrence Choi; Florence Chan Graphic Artist: Stella P. C Lai 12