Newsletter No. 47

University News 1
30th Anniversary Celebration Activities Highlights from 16th October to 30th November 1
Tin Ka Ping Building Formally Opened 1
Nine Victories in a Row 2
Workshop on Computer Databases of Chinese Medicine 2
HK$2.9 Million from Croucher Foundation for Research 2
New Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture 3
APIB Helps to Train US Business Executives 3
Famous Academia in Sorbonne Honours Prof. Jao Tsung-i 3
Features 4
Emblems and Mottos 4
University Emblem 4
Chung Chi College Emblem 5
New Asia College Emblem 5
United College Emblem 6
Shaw College Emblem 6
Announcements 7
Professorial Appointments 7
Research Committee 1993–94 7
Sir Run Run Shaw Hall Management Committee 7
Local Education Allowance 8
Housing Subsidy for Clinical Teachers 8
Talk on Japanese Economics 8
42nd Anniversary of Chung Chi College 8
International Symposium on Historical Archives of Pre-1949 Christian Higher Education in China 8
United College's 37th Anniversary Celebration 8
United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar 8
American Studies Resource Library 9
Dogs and Cats Regulations 9
Personalia 9
Service to the Community and International Organizations 11
Sidelights 12
30th Anniversary Commemorative Phonecards 12
New Publications of the University Press 12