Newsletter No. 242

THIRD HONORARY FELLOWSHIP CONFERMENT CEREMONY A t the University's Third Honorary F e l l o w s h i p C o n f e r m e n t Ceremony held on 17th May at Lee Hysan Concert Ha l l, Esther Lee Building, honorary fellowships were conferred on six distinguished persons who have been closely associated with the University in recognition of their e x c e l l e nt c o n t r i b u t i o ns t o th e University and the community. Dr. Edgar Cheng, c ha i rman o f the University Council, presided at the ceremony. The profiles of the honorees can be found on Page 4. Eigh t Teacher s Honoure d fo rExemplar y Teaching E ight outstanding teachers of the University were presented the Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2003 by none other than the vice- chancellor, Prof. Ambrose King, on 13th May 2004 in LT1, Esther L i Building. The awardees comprised two teachers from the Faculty of Business Administration and one each from the other faculties. Prof. Lisa L.M. Wong of the Department of English felt honoured and encouraged by the award. She thanked the University for giving her the chance to prove to herself and her students that the quest for knowledge is an everlasting joy. Prof. Mi chael J. Ferguson o f the School o f Accountancy thanked the many excellent and dedicated teachers in his faculty who had shared their experiences with him and given him advice in good times and in bad. He also remarked that one cannot be a good teacher without good students. One thing good teachers and students have in common is passion and enthusiasm. I f a teacher is not passionate about teaching, his students cannot be enthusiastic about learning. Prof. Leo Y.M. Sin of the Department of Marketing believes that a mixture of empathy, love, creativity and warmth is the magical formula for being a good teacher. To Prof. Alison S.C. Yeung of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the award is not only an honour, but a chance for personal and career reflection and renewal. Prof. Chan Yiu-tong of the Department of Electronic Engineering expressed his gratitude to the University for providing him with a great environment for teaching, learning, and research, and to his friends in the department for giving him the chance to teach courses he enjoys. The year of the SARS crisis, 2003, was the most exciting year in the life of Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung of the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics in many ways. There were more ups and downs in that year than he could count. On the subject of teaching, he said that i f a medical teacher publishes a paper in the New England Journal, he w i l l be remembered for five to seven years. But i f he teaches a student well, he w i ll be remembered for decades. Prof. Sung believes that students don't just learn from lectures. They learn by watching how their teachers behave, and in his case, how he manages his patients. Prof. Ge Wei of the Department of Biology is a believer that passion and excellence will always coincide. Teaching is a job that this exemplary teacher dearly loves and is prepared to dedicate his entire life to. Prof. Tracey L . D. L u o f the Department o f Anthropology dealt a round of thanks to all her teachers, her colleagues in the department, and all her students who had been energetic and independent and inspired her teaching and research. In his address before presenting the awards, Prof. Ambrose K i ng commended the eight honorees for setting high standards for themselves and good examples for all other teachers. He noticed that the eight recipients of the award constituted a good mix in terms of length of service at CUHK, reflecting that the University does have a proud tradition of quality teaching, which is sustained by long-serving teachers on the one hand, and constantly revitalized with new blood on the other. He thanked the awardees for helping to perpetuate such a fine tradition at the University. Prof. Ambrose King, Prof. Chan Yiu-tong, Prof. Joseph J.Y.Sung, Prof. Ge Wei, and Prof. Tracey L.D.Lu 1 No. 242 4th June 2004