Newsletter No. 392

Grand Voyage of Shaw to Celebrate 26th Anniversary 1
Feature 2
It is I Who Give Meaning to Work 2
Chan Liu Yuk-ying (Ying Jie) 3
Lai Po-chui Stella 2
Lee Yuk-ping (Ah Ping) 2
Li Pui-lan Grace 3
Kwok Chi-wan Kelvin 2
Ng Sze-kei 2
Wong Ming-leung (Ming Gor) 3
Wong Po-lam 3
Campus News 4
Translation Archive Inaugurated to House Hawkes Papers 4
Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration 4
Department of Japanese Studies Celebrates 20th Anniversary 4
Establishment of Ho & Ho Foundation Scholarships 5
Delegation of China Agricultural University Visits CUHK 5
Teaching and Learning English: A Study Tour to Guangdong 5
Show Your Support for Walking Campaign and Car-free Day 2012 6
Staff Team Wins Table Tennis Championship 6
Hong Kong and Shanghai Badminton Match 6
Announcements 7
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 7
Road Safety Campaign 7
Public Lecture Series—The Dragon in Chinese Culture 7
Art Museum Exhibitions 7
Personalia 8
Concurrent Appointments 8
Appointments/Re-appointments 8
Re-deployment 9
Resignations 9
Style Speaks 9
Barking Dogs 9
Thus Spake… 10
Dr. Chan Chak-lui Sam, Instructor, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies 10