Newsletter No. 442

Editor's Note 1
The Architect of Architecture Education 1
Feature 1 2
Life's Marvellous Music in a World of Silence 2
Tech Talks 3
War on '123456' (Part I) 3
CUHK f+b 3
Stir-Fried Bitter Melon with Bitter Gourd 3
Feature 2 4
What'd They Do In The Summer? 4
Mr. Paul Benedict Lee, law student 4
Mrs. Christina Li, College Secretary of United College 4
Prof. Samuel Sun, Master of S.H. Ho College 4
Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor 4
Mr. Benny Tam, physics student 4
Prof. Helen Wise, School of Biomedical Sciences 4
Prof. Wong Suk-ying, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid 4
Campus News 6
Mega Donation from HKJC for Teaching Hospital and Institute of Ageing 6
Dissemination Seminar on Thematic Network on English Language 6
Researchers Find Clue to Male Infertility 6
Most Accurate Face Recognition System 7
National Universities Badminton Championship 7
Announcements 7
New Faculty Deans 7
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 7
Viva Voce 8
Prof. Nelson Chen 8