Newsletter No. 461

Editorially Speaking 1
Cover Photo 1
Hurrah, We made it! 1
Feature 2
A Quarter Century of Trailblazing: CUHK's applauded minimally invasive surgery 2
Campus News 4
Dr. Li Dak Sum Donates HK$100 million to CUHK in Support of Chinese Medicine Research 4
18 Outstanding Students Receive Sin Wai Kin Scholarship 4
Prof. Diana Lee Inducted as Fellow of American Academy of Nursing 4
Research of Crowdsourced Networks Wins Award 4
The Third Asian Quantitative Finance Conference 5
‘Fun with Phonics’ Competition 5
Croucher Summer Course 5
Delegation from the Chinese Manufacturers' Association Visits CUHK 6
Summer Course on Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response 6
Newly Onboard 6
6/2015 6
7/2015 7
Announcements 8
New Council Members 8
Emeritus Professors 8
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 8
Election for Change of MPF Scheme 8
Member Trustees of ORSO Schemes 8
Tech Talks 9
Cross-fires on the Internet 9
Wealth In Health 9
One Man’s Meat 9
Viva Voce 10
Dr. William Thaddeus Ng 10