Newsletter No. 497

Cover Photo 1
Following Ip Wing-chi's Olfactory Senses 1
Feature 2
The Cradle of Biomedical Engineers 2
Campus News 4
CUHK Receives Funding from Helmsley Charitable Trust to Investigate Inflammatory Bowel Disease 4
Vice-Chancellor Receives International Medal 4
On Legal Protections of the Elderly and the Intellectually Disabled 4
Aqueous Redox Flow Battery with Record Energy Density 5
UN New Urban Agenda and ‘Hong Kong 2030+’ 5
Announcements 5
New Pro-Vice-Chancellor 5
New University Dean of Students and Associate Vice-President 5
New College Master 5
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 5
ARTiculation 6
Long Live the Majestic Vase 6
DraftCraft 7
進行一個分析冗語的動作 7
Anatomy of a Brand 7
Politics Square and Fair 7
Viva Voce 8
Mr. Ip Wing-chi 8