Newsletter No. 525

Features 2
Cultural Management? Not a Contradiction in Terms at All! 2
Building a Logo 4
News Tweets 5
Grand Finale to a Great Journey 5
State Key Laboratory Status Affirmed 5
Global AI Academic Alliance Established 5
CUHK Hosts Stanford University's Bing Overseas Studies Program in Hong Kong 6
New Insight into Improving Crop Quality 6
Multidisciplinary Team Nominated for Excellent Cancer Care 6
Dialogue with Women CEOs 6
Harvesting the Fruits of a Decade 6
The First Stanford–CUHKSZ Technology Innovation Forum 6
Newly Onboard 7
8/2018 7
9/2018 7
Announcements 8
In memory of Professor Sir Charles Kao 8
House of Codes: A Forum on Development of Websites and Digital Contents 8
‘Happy Birds, Forest Green’ Visual Arts Exhibition 8
University Lecture on Civility 2018—Assembling the Future: A Social Innovator’s Intriguing Project 8
United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lectures 8
Cantonese Opera Master’s Public Lecture 8
Tech Talk 9
The Scientist as Executive 9
ARTSpirin 9
An Itinerant's Homecoming 9
Viva Voce 10
Derrick Au on Bioethics 10