Newsletter No. 527

08 # 5 2 7 | 1 9 . 1 1 . 2 0 1 8 宣 布 事 項 / A nnouncements 延長有薪產假及優化多項家庭友善措施 Extended Paid Maternity Leave and Enhanced Family-Friendly Policies 中大推出多項優化員工福利的措施,以進一步完善大學現時的家庭友善政策,由2019年  1月1日起生效。主要內容如下: The University will enhance various arrangements for staff benefits to further strengthen its family-friendly policies with effect from 1 January 2019. Key changes are summarized below: 措施 Policies 優化安排 Enhanced Provision 有薪產假 Maternity leave • 服務滿40星期的女性員工之全薪產假,由現時10星期延長至 14星期 * • 服務滿20星期但少於40星期的女性員工,可享新增設的10星 期全薪產假 • Full-pay maternity leave for female staff who have completed 40 weeks’ service is extended from 10 weeks to 14 weeks * • Full-pay maternity leave of 10 weeks is newly introduced for female staff who have completed 20 weeks but less than 40 weeks’ service 侍產假期 Paternity Leave • 服務滿40星期的男性員工之全薪侍產假期,由現時5個工作 天延長至7個工作天 • 服務滿20星期但少於40星期的男性員工,可享新增設的5個 工作天全薪侍產假期 • Full-pay paternity leave for male staff who have completed 40 weeks’ service is extended from 5 working days to 7 working days • Full-pay paternity leave of 5 working days is newly introduced for male staff who have completed 20 weeks but less than 40 weeks’ service 領養假期 Adoption Leave • 服務滿40星期的員工之全薪領養假期,由現時3個工作天延 長至5個工作天 • Full-pay adoption leave for staff who have completed 40 weeks’ service is extended from 3 working days to 5 working days 喪親假期 Bereavement Leave • 員工喪親(即配偶、父母、子女、兄弟、姊妹及配偶之父母), 可獲2個工作天喪親假期 • 將擴展至包括員工之祖父母及配偶的祖父母 • 若要離港處理喪親事宜,可額外獲批最多3個工作天的假期 • Full-pay bereavement leave of 2 working days for staff if they have lost a close relative (i.e., spouse, parent, child, brother, sister or parent-in-law) • Extended to cover the loss of staff’s grandparents and grandparents-in-law • Leave of 3 additional working days if staff have to attend occasions outside Hong Kong 申請延遲實任評核年期 Deferral of review for substantiation • 須於6年限期內完成實任評核的女性教員,可以懷孕為理由申 請延遲評核,最長可延期1年 • 男性教員亦可以子女出生為理由提出相同的申請 • 有關安排亦適用於領養新生嬰兒及學前兒童 • Female teaching appointees close to the substantiation review can request an extension of the 6-year time limit for up to 1 year on grounds of maternity • Extended to male teaching appointees on grounds of paternity • Extended to the adoption of a new born baby or pre-school child 第八十六屆大會典禮特別安排 Arrangement for the Eighty-sixth Congregation 第八十六屆大會(頒授學位典禮)將於11月29日(星期四)上午十時正在邵逸夫堂舉行,屆 時將頒授榮譽博士及博士學位。 The Eighty-sixth Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees will be held at 10:00 am on Thursday, 29 November 2018 at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall. At the Congregation, the honorary and doctoral degrees will be conferred. 上課安排 Class Arrangement 典禮當日照常上課。 Classes will be held as scheduled. 泊車安排 Parking 11月29日典禮當日,邵逸夫堂對面之停車場、新亞路及中央道車位,皆保留予附專用泊車證 之嘉賓及公務車輛使用。 Parking spaces opposite to the Sir Run Shaw Hall, on New Asia Road and Central Avenue will be reserved for guests and official vehicles with special parking labels on 29 November. 年度非教職人員審議事宜 Annual Non-teaching Staff Review 大學已函請各學系及部門主管,就2019年度職員審議有關(甲)、(乙)及(丙)類服務條例 及相類服務條款非教職人員之退休、延任、擢升、職級調升及由定期合約轉為長期聘用事 宜考慮提薦。相關提名或意見須於2019年1月11日或以前,經部門送交人力資源處轉呈有 關委員會考慮。相關職員審議的通告及資訊已上載至人力資源處網頁( https://www.hro . : 員工資訊>評核>非教職人員)以供參考。 The University has invited heads of departments and units to make recommendations for the retirement, extension of service, promotion, re-grading and conversion from fixed- term contract to continuous appointment of non-teaching staff members on Terms of Service (A)/(B)/(C) or equivalent for the 2019 staff review exercise. Recommendations from the departments/units should be submitted to the Human Resources Office on or before 11 January 2019, for onward further referral to the relevant University Committee(s) for consideration. The relevant circulars and information on the annual staff review exercise are now available at the homepage of the Human Resources Office ( https://www.hro . : Staff Area>Staff Review>Non-teaching Staff). 中大校友日 CUHK Alumni Homecoming 日期 Date 24.11.2018 時間 Time 11:30 am–5:00 pm 地點 Venue 中大校園 CUHK Campus 入場登記 Admission (截止報名 Registration deadline: 19.11.2018 ) 查詢 Enquiries 校友事務處 Alumni Affairs Office 電話 Tel: 3943 8670/7861 電郵 Email: 平安夜、新年除夕及農曆新年除夕之辦公安排 Staffing Arrangements on University Holidays on Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and Lunar New Year Eve 根據大學關於平安夜、新年除夕及農曆新年除夕大學假日辦公之安排,所有部門於2018年 12月24日、31日,以及2019年2月4日上午須留有職員值班。當值之(乙)或(丙)類服務條 例職員可獲補假半天。 保健處、大學圖書館、資訊科技服務處之電算機操作組、保安處、交通處、物業管理處等部 門須留駐足夠人手,以維持基本服務。 The following staffing arrangements for the University holidays on Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and Lunar New Year Eve will apply on 24 and 31 December 2018, and 4 February 2019 respectively. Departments/units should arrange for skeleton staff to be on duty on these mornings to handle urgent matters and enquiries. Offices will be closed in the afternoon. Skeleton staff (Terms [B] or [C]) on duty on these mornings will be given compensation off of half a day. For essential service units such as the University Health Service, the University Library, the operations team of the Information Technology Services Centre, the Security Office, the Transport Office, and the Estates Management Office, adequate workforce should remain on duty to provide basic services. * 作為關懷員工的僱主,中大亦會向預產期或實際分娩日期在2018年10月10日至12月31日期間的女性員 工,提供14星期的全薪產假。 As a caring employer, CUHK will also allow female appointees whose expected or actual date of confinement falls within the period from 10 October 2018 to 31 December 2018 to enjoy 14 weeks’ full-pay maternity leave. 掃描此獲取詳情 Scan here for details