Newsletter No. 527

Feature 2
The Game Changer──A Fusion Physicist's Utopian Experiment 2
In Plain View 4
The Fruit Cracker──How Silin Zhong decodes fruition in nature 4
News Tweets 6
First Chinese Bestowed with ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award 6
Diabetes Expert Receives Honorary Fellowship Overseas 6
Two CUHK Scholars Recognized by RGC 6
Over a Hundred All-rounders Recognized 6
Pedal to the Metal 6
New Hope for Psoriatic Arthritis Patients 6
Gastroenterologist Receives Major Award in the Chinese Community 6
An Extra Mile of CUHK Interns 7
Harmful Substances Uncovered 7
First Recipient of United College Early Career Research Excellence Award 7
Vegan Living for the Future 7
Newly Onboard 7
Announcements 8
Arrangement for the Eighty-sixth Congregation 8
Annual Non-teaching Staff Review 8
CUHK Alumni Homecoming 8
Staffing Arrangements on University Holidays on Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and Lunar New Year Eve 8
Extended Paid Maternity Leave and Enhanced Family-Friendly Policies 8
Tech Talk 9
An Engineer's Peep into the Unknown 9
ARTSpirin 9
The Crema Revolution 9
Viva Voce 10
Mike Leung, Junior Conservator Serving with Respect 10