Newsletter No. 534

Features 2
Remembrances of Things Past and Sunk: On the rescue of underwater cultural heritage and the evolving international laws 2
Clearing of the Forest for Better Communication: Speech Therapy 4
Newly Onboard 5
Announcements 5
List of Long Service Award 2018 Awardees 5
Survey on the CUHK Website 5
News Tweets 6
Flashbacks to Cantonese <em>Naamyam</em> 6
Redefining Mental Wellness 6
New Light on Treating ‘Little Brain’ Diseases 6
Joining Forces to Nurture AI Talent 6
Teaming Up with Tsinghua and PKU 6
Bonding with Books 6
ARTiculation 7
When the Grand Master Turns into a Little Fan 7
Doctors' Note 7
Late but Not Lacking in Hope 7
Viva Voce 8
Patrick Wong Hunts Down the Language Genes 8