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A group photo with Prof. Barley Mak (4th left, front row) and Dr. Sharon J. Washington (5th left, front row)
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Faculty of Education Organizes In-service Programme for Guangdong English Teachers


The Centre for Enhancing English Learning and Teaching (CEELT), Faculty of Education, organized the ‘In-service Programme for Guangdong English Teachers 2011’ for 38 English teachers from Guangdong province from 3 to 23 July. The programme was commissioned by the Education Bureau and taught by teacher training experts from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. 

The Guangdong teachers first attended a series of workshops at CUHK, which equipped them with knowledge and pedagogy in the teaching and learning of English. The workshop facilitators introduced various teaching strategies to the participants. For example, Prof. Barley Mak, programme director, introduced them to the essential elements of an action plan. Dr. Winnie Lee explained how to promote assessment for learning at secondary level. Prof. David Coniam illustrated the use of IT in enhancing English teaching and learning. 

The participants also met Dr. Sharon J. Washington, executive director of the National Writing Project, who was on her visit to the Writing for Integrated Teacher Education (WrITE) Project of CEELT. Dr. Washington shared her views on how to raise students’ interest in writing. Visits to four local secondary schools were arranged for the Guangdong teachers to observe English lessons and exchange teaching ideas with local teachers. At the later stage of the programme, the participants demonstrated what they had learned by conducting microteaching. They were given feedback by peers and facilitators. 

The programme has helped to promote collaboration between the Guangdong education community and the Faculty of Education of CUHK. It has not only enhanced the participating teachers’ English teaching skills, but also given them an opportunity to build up a professional learning community among themselves. The participants would share their experience with their fellow teachers after returning to the province, which would further benefit the Guangdong education community.

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