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Come Share the Joy with Chung Chi College


This year marks the 60th anniversary of Chung Chi College (CC). An array of celebratory events have been organized beginning with the kick-off ceremony held earlier in January. The 60th Anniversary Founders’ Day Thanksgiving Service, the Thousand People Feast and the celebration banquet to be held on 28 October and 12 November, respectively, will mark the climax of these activities. 

Prof. Leung Yee, chairman of the 60th Anniversary Organizing Committee, said, ‘Many overseas alumni come back to join the events. We’ve prepared a special show at the banquet. But I can’t let the cat out of the bag now. Come and see for yourself.’

Professor Leung said that the College’s staff, students and alumni, including those living overseas, contributed a lot to organizing the activities. ‘Apart from celebrations, we would like to achieve the following objectives: (1) demonstrate CC’s contributions to society over the past 60 years; (2) enhance network with staff, students and alumni, and seeking missing alumni; (3) invite all university members to join the festivities. Thus we support and invite other units in organizing celebratory activities. For example, Fun Run 2011, Chung Chi College 60th Anniversary and Faculty of Medicine 30th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony cum Chung Chi Carnival, held on 15 January, were co-organized with the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Public Health and Primary Care.’

The celebrations also reflect the special features of CC. ‘With its choir and being home to the Department of Music which is unique in the University, we naturally organize a series of Chinese and Western musical events. A Cantonese Opera, The Purple Hairpin, was staged, followed by celebrations and concerts featuring, vocal music, Western instrumental music, Chinese ensemble music, and concerts by Chung Chi composers. The Joint Conference on History and Future of Christianity in Asia and Christian Festival will also be held. To promote science education and serving the community, the College will host the Popular Science Essay and Poster Design Competition and Symposium on Service-Learning.’ 

Professor Leung remarked that the Ma On Shan Amazing Race will be re-organized on 30 October. ‘When I was a student at CC, the climbing, with individual and departmental groups, was a regular yearly event. It’s sad that it had been suspended since 1983 owing to urban development.’

As for the climbing this year, CC invited alumnus Prof. Chan Lung-sang, professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, the University of Hong Kong, to organize the race and to set the routes. There is a challenger group for those intent on reaching the top, and an adventure trail guided by Professor Chan to appreciate geological features which is a wonderful activity for families. Autumn is the best season for hiking, and Professor Leung encourages university members to join the activity. ‘It’s not only good for promoting harmonious fellowship and health, but also for appreciating the marvellous natural scenery.’

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