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Support CU RElief Fund

To tide over university members through the pandemic, CUHK has launched the CU RElief Fund (CURE Fund) that aims to provide assistance and support to members who are adversely affected by the turmoil of COVID-19. Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, along with all seven Pro-Vice-Chancellors/Vice-President, will donate 15% of their salaries for the remaining months of the current year to seed the CURE Fund. The University is also calling for donations from different sectors to support the fund and help CUHK members in need.

The main relief objectives of the CURE Fund are:

  1. To provide on-campus part-time job opportunities with student helper allowance for current CUHK full-time undergraduate students to help alleviate their financial stress;
  2. To provide short-term job opportunities at the University for graduating students of the class of 2020 and alumni of the class of 2019. The CURE Fund Management Committee is also in discussion with various organizations to create job opportunities. The aim is to help graduating students and young alumni to gain work experience and competitiveness in the face of high unemployment rate during the current severe economic downturn; and
  3. To provide interest-free emergency loans for full-time staff members in junior posts (on Terms of Service C and equivalent terms) to ease their families’ financial difficulties.

For information on donation and application, please click here or contact the CURE Fund Management Committee for details (tel: 3943-1931; email: