1. The digital versions of the University's publications available herein are the digitized images of the originals, most of which in printed form, obtained through Optical Character Recognition technology and other electronic means. While great care has been taken in the technical process and in proofreading, discrepancies might still occur between some images and the originals. Users are advised to bear that in mind in making use of the search results.

    It should also be noted that some items herein, mostly publications of more recent dates, exist in the electronic form only, i.e., without a printed version.

  2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong has published reports on its governance and operation since its earliest days. The first volume, titled The First Six Years, covers the years 1963 to 1969. The second volume, titled The Emerging University, chronicles the years 1970 to 1974, while the third volume, titled A New Era Begins, narrates the happenings in 1975 to 1978. From 1979 to 1993 the report is published with the title Vice-Chancellor's Report. They appeared at irregular intervals, there being five issues, covering the periods 1978–82, 1982–85, 1985–87, 1987–90 and 1990–93 respectively. From 1993 the report has been known as the Annual Report and published on a yearly basis.

  3. To facilitate efficient and effective search for information, the user is requested to note the following:
    1. Keyword
      1. All words
        Type AND between all the words you want to search.
        e.g. black AND box, 意識 AND 形態

      2. An exact word or phrase
        For English, put exact word(s) in quotation marks. For Chinese, remove space(s) between characters.
        e.g. "black box", 意識形態

      3. Any one of the words
        Type the words, separated by space.
        e.g. black box, 意識 形態

      4. Exclusion of certain words from the search
        If you wish to exclude certain words from association with your search, type (searched word) AND NOT (unwanted word).
        e.g. cloud AND NOT computing, 意識 AND NOT 形態

      5. Wildcard
        Type "*" after the searched word to indicate that you want all words prefixed with the searched word.
        e.g. cloud* for cloudy, cloudless, etc.

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