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Dances with a Disease

Human beings have lived with numerous diseases since time immemorial. Knowledge, medications and cures come with the prices of pain, suffering or even loss of lives. COVID-19 is the latest foe the world faces and proves a tough one to beat. The Faculty of Medicine of CUHK is called upon to train its insight and expertise on the disease and fight the pandemic with the Hong Kong community. As at the time of writing, the pandemic still shows no sign of abating. But the Faculty of Medicine has proved equal to the challenge. With their clinical services and research findings, CUHK physicians, researchers and alumni have contributed to holding the disease at bay in the community and holding it up for scrutiny on the way to finding an effective cure. 

To chronicle the moves and steps taken by the Faculty of Medicine in engaging with the pandemic, the Information Services Office collaborated with the Faculty to present the inauguration issue of CU Medicine which is devoted to COVID-19. As Prof. Francis Chan, Dean of Medicine, remarked, ‘Like it or not, the COVID-19 threat is real and continuing. We must not let our guards down or lose our poise.’ There will be a few more dances, but in the nimble feet of members of the Faculty we have our best bet.