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Special Tribute from Catalysis Today

Prof. Song Chunshan recognized for his distinguished contributions in hydrocarbon and petroleum chemistry

Catalysis Today, an international serial publication focusing on topical themes in catalysis and related subjects, has recently published a special issue to recognize Prof. Song Chunshan, Dean of Science and Wei Lun Professor of Chemistry at CUHK, as an exceptional researcher and innovator in areas of catalysis and chemistry of energy and fuels.

Professor Song has made huge contributions in researching catalytic and adsorptive treatment for the production of ultra-low sulphur transportation fuels, as well as tackling unsolvable problems pertinent to carbon dioxide absorption and hydrogen sulphide removal in industrial flue gases. He has been recognized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and won the George A. Olah Award at the ACS National Award Ceremony in April 2019.

Catalysis Today has also extolled his national research leadership and service to the professional community in related areas, including serving as the Founding Director of University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research and the Chair and Treasurer of ACS Division of Petroleum Chemistry.

Professor Song is deeply pleased to receive the honour. He is dedicated to bringing new perspectives on difficult yet important scholastic problems in modern industry and society. He also expressed deep and undimmed passion in teaching and mentoring students.