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Stomach-warming Congee

When passing the Chung Chi College Student Canteen at night, a bright LED advertising sign near the cashier will catch your eye. Two Chinese characters ‘夜粥’ (night congee) tells passers-by that congee is available if you fancy a late-night snack. It’s served from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am nightly during term time.

According to the canteen, a popular congee is one cooked with salted pork and preserved egg. The congee has been boiled separately for hours until the rice becomes puffy. A bit of ginger juice and cooking wine are added to give it a subtle flavour. The cooking is done when it is neither too thick nor too thin. When the cook receives an order, he will put the ingredients in with the congee in a pot, boil it for a while and spoon everything into a bowl. It can be served with chopped spring onions and peanuts.