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Architecture Graduates Awarded Overseas Internship Grants

Poon Lok-chin Ruth (left) and Chan Chun-yu Ricco, two fresh graduates of the Master of Architecture Programme, have been selected to enter the 2012–13 Architectural Design Internship Programme established by The Wharf ArchDesign Resource Trust of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited. Ruth and Ricco will undertake a 12-month internship with the architectural offices of Baumschlager Eberle Berlin GmbH in Berlin and SANAA in Tokyo respectively. The trust will provide fi01cial support up to HK$350,000 for each graduate intern.

The programme aims at fostering excellence in architecture and grooming future star architects by providing students with placement opportunities in internationally-renowned design firms. Working alongside distinguished designers in an atelier setting will broaden participating graduates’ horizons and allow them a hands-on understanding of architectural practice and urban design with different cultural heritage. At the end of the programme, the graduates will be required to return to Hong Kong and contribute to architectural design in the territory with the experience gained abroad.

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