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Outside, debates on social and political issues often get quite heated and messy. Here, dialogues quiet the senses and ease the mind. In April, a Buddhist grand master and a popular icon who practises the Bahá'i Faith came to have dialogue with our Vice-Chancellor. These dialogues exemplify the intellectual freedom and cultural diversity on our campus.

The English art critic Clive Bell has said, 'Between aesthetic and religious raptures there is a family resemblance. Art and religion are means to similar states of mind.'

Art and religion are also emblems of CUHK. And who would be more emblematic than Prof. Kao Mayching who spent her entire career at CUHK to serve the cause of the arts? She has bestowed her legacy in the form of a scholarship to arts students and alumni. Read about her beneficence in the feature story of this issue.

The University's digital origin can be traced back to 1967 when an IBM 1103 was installed. The University has led in computing system and capability since. Now, one either sees a mainframe which fills up an entire air-conditioned room or holds it in one's palm. The path traversed by technology is indeed mind-boggling. Meet the grandfather in 'Then vs Now'.

As the exam weeks start, most students would find their adrenaline and gastric juice pumping at times. Our knowing food writer tells you where a quick fix can be found in such times. In 'Thus Spake…', Prof. Francis Chan, student, teacher and now dean of the medical school, talks about H7N9, digestive disease and the challenges of his deanship.