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A Sandwich Named Long Island

Opened in April, the WS Pavilion of Lee Woo Sing College offers the special Long Island Chicken Bun (which is more of a sandwich than a bun) at tea time. Though named ‘Long Island’, it has nothing to do with Long Island of New York State. We speculate the sandwich may be so named due to its length which may remind some of its namesake which is 190 km long.

Mr. Chung Wai-hung, chef of WS Pavilion, said the sandwich was the result of an effort to create an innovative menu. He opted against the round bun more commonly associated with chicken burgers in favour of a hotdog bun. Minced garlic, herbs, onions, and butter are sautéed and heaped on to the bread before the latter is grilled to golden brown. The chicken fillet, marinaded three hours ahead of time, is also grilled. Cucumber, tomato and cheese, and a generous dollop of peach mustard are added. The bun is filling but the mixture of ingredients gives it a refreshingly tangy flavour. If you don’t like the sauce, you can opt for wasabi sauce, salad dressing or ketchup. If you’re not too hungry, share the sandwich with your friends; it’s more than enough for a light snack.

Word has it that members of Lee Woo Sing College love the Long Island Chicken sandwich. At a tea reception of Prof. Lau Wan-yee Joseph, Master of the College, and his colleagues, six were ordered at first, to be soon followed by four more.