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On her white Breast a sparkling Cross she wore, Which Jews might kiss, and Infidels adore.
(Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock, Canto II, l.7–8)

In Pope's mock epic quoted above, all the world's attention is on the bosom of its heroine, Belinda, when the latter goes on a boat tour on the Thames. Recently, the world's attention fell on the double mastectomy underwent by Angelina Jolie to avert the chance of cancer. Ethical issues arising from genetic testing will surely be hotly debated. The Newsletter asked Prof. Rossa Chiu to give her views, among other things, on such issues and what the role of medical practitioners should be.

What is the Chinese University without Chinese students? It may sound absurd to ask, but the admission of undergraduate students from the mainland can be traced back to only 15 years. Our feature story looks at a few of them who reflect on their lives on CUHK campus.

The Institute of Chinese Studies goes back longer. 'Then vs Now' presents its construction site in 1969 and the fully fledged signature institution of CUHK today. While bricks and stones may be removed or laid, savoury matters seldom go away. With the re-opening of Yuen Chi Hsien, the beef noodle of New Asia College is once again on the menu. The history of the eatery and its legendary dish are as mouth-watering as the dish itself.

What makes the difference between an horsd'oeuvre and a hotchpotch? Prof. Chan Sin-wai will tell you in 'A Plain View' how human intelligence and the computer can combine to build the scaffolding on the Tower of Babel.