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Mainland Students' CUHK Stories

Liu Xiaojun Shawn (2nd left)
Liu Ran Lydia (centre)
Liu Dudu Charlie (1st right)

Fifteen years ago, in 1998, 28 mainland students were admitted to the Chinese University—the first batch of mainland students to pursue undergraduate studies in Hong Kong. Over the years, some 2,300 mainland students finished their studies at CUHK, before furthering their studies abroad, returning home or developing their careers in Hong Kong. How do they feel about campus life at CUHK? How was their intellectual development influenced by the University? Here are the stories of two mainland alumni and a student.

Liu Xiaojun Shawn, President of the CUHK Mainland Alumni Association
BEng in Information Engineering 2007

'I graduated six years ago, but I remember every single event that happened.'

Liu Ran Lydia
BSSc in Sociology 2010/MPhil in Sociology 2013

'The most important reward I got from spending seven wonderful years at CUHK was the nurture of my independent and critical thinking.'

Liu Dudu Charlie, President of the CUHK Mainland Undergraduate Association
Integrated BBA Programme, Year 1

'Don't be passive. Everything is possible here if you're proactive.'

My Impression on Mainland Students

'Mainland students have brought with them diligence and a determination to succeed which are a good complement to the local education system which is characterized by diversity and creativity. Our experience over the past years has been highly positive, despite occasional conflicts reported by some media. In general, a healthy competition conducive to mutual improvement exists on our campus.'

Mrs. Chow Chan Man-yuen Grace, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Chronology of Mainland Student Admission to CUHK

Year 1998

  • Admitted the first batch of 28 mainland students
  • Recruited students with the help of Fudan University and Peking University
  • Applicants must be enrolled by the two universities and had undergone the screening exercise of the CUHK committee which comprised staff from the Registry and teachers

Year 2002

  • Total students admitted: 60

Year 2004

  • Total students admitted: 200

Year 2005

  • The first year CUHK participated in the Unified National Colleges Admissions System
  • Recruitment launched in 17 provinces and municipalities

Year 2013

  • Recruitment launched in 31 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions
  • Recruitment extended to Qinghai Province, Xinjiang Uyghur and Tibet Autonomous Regions
  • Total students admitted: 302
  • 13 ethnic minority students, from the Hui, Zhuang, Manchu, the Tujia, Chaoxianzu (Koreans in China), Xibe, Bai and Nakhi people

Support Outside Classroom

The Office of Student Affairs set up the Incoming Students Section (ISS) in 2005 to provide support to the University's non-local students and promote cross-cultural interaction.

Ms. Lou Ka-yee Wendy, head of ISS, said, 'Since 2006, our learning enhancement officers have provided personal guidance services to non-local students through regular sharings, workshops and activities which facilitate students' adjustment to the learning environment at CUHK and to Hong Kong society.'