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Coffee on the Corner

CUHK's addiction to caffeine is indeed deep-lying. Even at a place serving principally noodles, spaghetti and other delicacies commonly found in the local cha chan tang, a sophisticated version of coffee is there ready to live up to the namesake of the establishment.

To compare Coffee Corner in the Benjamin Franklin Centre to a cha chan tang means no disrespect. The place is swarmed with CUHK staff and students at practically all times and the variety and quality of the menu and the efficiency of service make it, to quote the lyrics of Gilbert O'Sullivan, a 'delicatessen well-equipped to supply you with your every need.'

Amidst the utensils behind the bustling kitchen counter, where beverages are produced at a frantic pace, sits an inconspicuous expresso machine. It is this unassuming machina which produces coffee of the consummate kind, and at a very reasonable price too. Go for Coffee Supreme, without milk or sugar, to go or for here. You will be regaled with a balanced and alluring coffee of solemn black, aromatic crema, and a good aftertaste.