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Sino-Indian Relations Forum

The IARC Academic Conference & SingPeace Forum 2013, 'China and India: Splash of Civilizations', was held at Cho Yiu Hall on 28 September. Over 70 scholars and researchers were in attendance. The event was jointly organized by the International Affairs Research Centre (IARC), the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK; and SingPeace Culture Hong Kong Limited (SingPeace). Prof. Qiu Linchuan Jack (3rd right, back row) and Prof. Shen Xu-hui Simon (3rd left, front row), co-directors of IARC; and Mr. Michael Tong (2nd right, front row), chairman of SingPeace, attended the conference. Mr. Du Ping (5th left, front row), commentator from Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd, gave an inspiring opening speech as one of the initiators.

During the past two decades, Sino-Indian trade relations have increased to record level, and interactions between the people of the two nations have grown significantly. However, border incursions remain a problem. This conference provided a multi-disciplinary platform for academics from different nations to exchange ideas, and share their insights with the audience.