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Shu Chien on Biomedical Research

Prof. Shu Chien

Prof. Shu Chien, United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar 2013–14, hosted two public lectures on 8 and 10 October, respectively. Professor Chien is currently the Y.C. Fung Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine, and director of Institute of Engineering in Medicine, UC San Diego. In the first lecture titled 'Perspectives in Biology, Medicine and Engineering', he said that with the recent advances in modern biology and genomics, the analysis of biomedical information required the application of new concepts and techniques. Professor Chien hoped that academia, industry, hospitals and government could join hands to develop biomedical engineering. Such collaborations would lead to enhancements of health and the quality of life of people. In the second lecture 'Interplays between Biology-Medicine-Engineering and Humanities-Societies', he discussed the influences of biomedical engineering on mankind.