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Arrangement for the Seventy-fourth Congregation

The Seventy-fourth Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees will be held at 10 amon 21 November at the University Mall. Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng, Chairman of the Council, will confer first and master's degrees. Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President, will present awards for teaching and research excellence.

The graduation ceremonies held by the seven Colleges for first-degree graduates will take place in the afternoon of 21 November. The schedule of the ceremonies is as follows:

First-degree Graduation Ceremonies Held by Seven Colleges




Guest of Honour

Lee Woo Sing

12 nn–12:30 pm

Lee Woo Sing College

Prof. Joseph Lau Wan-yee
Master, Lee Woo Sing College


12 nn–2:15 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Ms. Caroline Mak Sui-king
Group Director, Health & Beauty, The Dairy Farm Group; Chairman, Hong Kong Retail Management Association


12 nn–2:30 pm

Dining Hall, Maurice R. Greenberg Building

Prof. Sir James Mirrlees
Master, Morningside College

New Asia

1:30 pm–3:15 pm

University Mall

Prof. Tu Weiming
Director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

S.H. Ho

2 pm–3 pm

Ho Sin Hang Hall

Mrs. Sarah Squire
President, Hughes Hall, The University of Cambridge

Chung Chi

2 pm–4 pm

Chung Chi College Chapel

Prof. Tony F. Chan
President, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


3:30 pm–5:30 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Ms. Gilly Wong Fung-han
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Consumer Council

The master's degree graduation ceremonies will be held on 22 and 23 November.

Master's Degree Graduation Ceremonies




Guest of Honour


10 am–11:30 am

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Dr. Chan Hon-yee
Constance, JPDirector of Health, Department of Health, HKSAR


10 am–12 nn

University Mall

Dr. Jennie Mui Lee, DSS(Hon)
Vice-Chairman, Lee Shiu Family Foundation


1:30 pm–2:30 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Prof. Sunney I. Chan
George Grant Hoag Professor of Biophysical Chemistry, Emeritus at the California Institute of Technology, USA

Social Science

3 pm– 5:30 pm

University Mall

Dr. Stephen Frederick Fisher, SBS
Director General, Oxfam Hong Kong


4:30 pm– 5:45 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Mr. Huen Wing-ming Patrick
Vice-Chairman and Executive Director, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Ltd


10 am– 11:30 am

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Dr. the Hon. Wong Yan-lung, GBM, SC, JP

Business Administration

10 am– 11:45 am

University Mall

Dr. Fan Kungsheng
President of CIC International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd


3 pm–4 pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

The Hon. Mr. Justice Ribeiro
Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal, HKSAR


The car park opposite Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, to be used as a seating area for graduates, will be temporarily closed from 2 November to 1 December for the erection of a canopy for the ceremony. Car parks at the Benjamin Franklin Centre, John Fulton Centre, University Administration Building, Institute of Chinese Studies and Tin Ka Ping Building will be reserved for guests with special parking labels on 21 November.

Suspension of Classes

On 21 November, full-time undergraduate classes (except MB ChB Programme Years 3 to 5) and postgraduate programmes classes will be suspended.

Temporary Closure of BFC Canteen

The Benjamin Franklin Centre student canteen will be closed on 21 November from7:30 am to 1:30 pm for the tea reception after the congregation.

Wet Weather Contingency

In the event of heavy rain, the University will launch a wet weather contingency plan. Details will be broadcast at the University MTR Station and the University Mall, and announced at the entrances of the University and on the congregation website on the day.