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Coffee in the Cathedral

When one walks into the cathedral of light that is the foyer of Cheng Yu Tung Building, the bastion of business education at CUHK, one's eyesight is naturally attracted upwards where Café 12, a flight of steps above, beckons.

That such an eatery exists fits the bill of the CUHK Business School where one of its brand programmes is hospitality. That the environment is so spacious with shiny floor-tiles and an abundance of natural light makes the delicatessen experience leisurely and yet professional. Whether you are a BBA, MBA or other species of the business or high finance strain, you can really spend some productive time with your classmates or your laptop here.

The coffee served has power and an almost chewable palate. It is meant for the analytic mind and may well be a fountain of inspiration. A hungry mind does not thrive on an empty stomach. Other delicacies including salads, sandwiches, and snacks equally crisp and clean will keep you fresh and energized.