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Library Guqin Gathering

John Yiu on an antique guqin

The University Library System presented 'Flowing Sonority: Guqin from Rulan Chao Pian Music Collection of CUHK Library & Guqin Gathering with John Yiu' on September 27 at Tse Chiu Kit Room, Chung Chi College. The guqin used for the performance came from the unique and valuable Rulan Chao Pian Music Collection donated to the CUHK Library. It was estimated that the guqin was probably crafted in the early Ming Dynasty.

After Ms. Louise Jones, University Librarian, delivered a welcoming address, the guqin gathering started. Guqin performer John Yiu is an undergraduate student of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Miss Yu Mei-lai, a full-time musician of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, sang two songs; and Mr. Lee Heung-sing, a PhD candidate at the Chinese Language and Literature Department, recited a poem. More than 100 staff, students and members of the public had an enjoyable evening.