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Surging Waves Exhibition by Kan Kit-keung

Excerpt of Confucian Analects in cursive script
Dr. Kan Kit-keung (3rd right)

Organized by the University Library System, the exhibition 'Inspired by Waves and Streams: Kan Kit-keung's Paintings, Calligraphy and Installations' was opened on 26 November. The exhibition features Dr. Kan's some 30 works, which reflect his preference for waterscape and his admiration for nature.

In his new series 'Surging Waves', Dr. Kan has created combinations of painting, calligraphy and poetry by composing poems and inscribing them on his paintings. His calligraphy works includes all the five major scripts in which he emphasizes fluidity and rhythms and develops a distinguished style by the dynamic use of wet and dry brush strokes. His installations explore the three-dimensional aspects of calligraphy by taking into account the exhibition environment. In view of the cavernous space of the newly renovated CUHK Library, Dr. Kan displays a work that comprises three scrolls of calligraphy, which measures over 10 meters wide and 25 meters in length.

Members of the public are welcome to visit the exhibition area of the University Library. The exhibition runs until 23 December.