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Friends of the Art Museum Gathering

Front row: Fine Arts awardees
Demonstration by Mr. Chan Kei-fung Paul

Organized by the Friends of the Arts Museum (the Friends), a garden party featuring an exclusive calligraphy sharing session and a silent auction was held at the Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge on 16 November. Over a hundred guests joined the gathering.

Prof. Jao Tsung-I, Mr. Chan Kei-fung Paul, Mr. Yung Ho-yin, Prof. Ambrose King, and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung generously donated their calligraphy works for the silent auction. The proceeds from the auction will be used to support the education and community outreach programmes of the Art Museum.

The garden party also showcased the works of Fine Arts students who were given awards and grants. This year, nine awardees were honoured. Professor Sung thanked the Friends for their unfailing support in nurturing young talent in Hong Kong and offering them opportunities to realize their potential. Through this event, students not only gained experience in exhibition management, but also had the precious opportunity to present their works to art lovers and professionals.