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The Anniversary Wine

Throughout this golden jubilee year, guests and hosts to ceremonial feasts may find themselves savouring a bubbly from a bluish bottle that adorn their tables.

The Hungaria Extra Dry comes from the same country that produces the world-famous Tokaji. One thousand bottles of this alluring sparkling wine were donated by Dr. Paul M.L. Kan, CUHK Council member and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary. Dr. Kan obtained an MBA from the University in 1980 and has been a long-standing friend and supporter of CUHK. He has made tremendous contributions to trade and cultural exchanges between Hungary and Hong Kong. His generosity has lightened up many a festive evening throughout the year.

The wine was made from carefully selected wines and bottled fermented and matured. Its golden colour is a shade paler than one of the two University colours symbolizing perseverance and resolution. But in front of such a beautiful fizz, not much perseverance or resolution is called for. With a fine bouquet, its delicate bubbles tickle the taste-buds, lift the spirit and warm the party. A truly delightful companion and catalyst to our celebrations.

Cheers, CUHK!