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Steaming Claypot Rice

Claypot rice is a traditional Guangdong dish that originated in roadside food stalls (aka Dai Pai Dong). Made with simple ingredients, it is comfort food that keeps one warm in winter.

Claypot rice is one of the items newly introduced into the menu of the student canteen at Wu Yee Sun College. There are a few varieties on offer, including chicken feet and spare rib, preserved sausage and chicken, minced beef with egg, all cooked and served in a claypot. Once the lid is lifted, white smoke infused with the rich aromas of the ingredients rises. The rice is covered with the different toppings, with vegetables on the side and served with sweet soya sauce. It’s easy to polish off a whole delicious pot. The canteen says that their electrical cooker can make 30 pots at a time. When one batch is sold out, customers need to wait 15 minutes for the next batch. However, it’s well worth the wait, especially in the chilly season.