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CUHK's First Exchange Agreement

Dr. Li Choh-ming, CUHK Vice-Chancellor, speaks at a ceremony held on 26 August 1965 at the City Hall Theatre to mark the inauguration of the cooperative programme between CUHK and the University of California

The Chinese University signed an exchange agreement with the University of California in May 1965. The agreement, which took effect in September, allowed recommended CUHK undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty members to attend any of the campuses of the University of California for degrees with waiver of the entire tuition. The University of California also made its research and office facilities available to visiting faculty members from CUHK. And in the academic year 1965–66, two professors and four graduates from the University of California visited CUHK to teach and supervise research. Besides, five undergraduates came to our campus to study history, fine arts, sociology and mathematics. The agreement of this very first student exchange programme of CUHK is now on display in the University Gallery.